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Continue Enjoying Life with a Complete Smile

An incomplete smile can make it more difficult to eat your favorite foods, talk so that others can easily understand you, and smile with full confidence when meeting people for the first time. This isn’t even touching on the oral and overall health problems that come with missing teeth. When the time comes to discuss tooth replacements, call Dr. Anderson as soon as possible so that he can help you find a reliable, attractive prosthetic option as soon as possible to replace missing teeth in our Laguna Niguel, CA dental office.

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Dental Bridges

Animated smile during dental bridge placement

A dental bridge is one or more false teeth attached to natural teeth via dental crowns. It’s normally the restoration of choice if you’ve only lost one tooth or if all of your missing teeth were next to each other. Dental bridges are made out of the same tooth-colored materials as single dental crowns, and they can be made to feel very natural. Unlike dentures, bridges are generally fixed in place, meaning they don’t have a tendency to slip or become loose.


Dentist showing patient a dentures model

A denture is used to replace multiple missing teeth simultaneously. Many people are already aware of full dentures that replace all of the teeth at once, but there are also partial dentures that can be personalized for each patient in order to fill in gaps scattered throughout the mouth. The way dentures are designed allow them to stay comfortably in place throughout the day, although you’ll still need to take them out in the evenings so that your gums can recover while you sleep.

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Denture Repair & Replacement

Man smiling during denture repair visit

Even the best made denture will develop wear and tear over time, and this is to be expected, as no dental prosthetic can last forever. And, in some cases, more dramatic breaks can happen due to an accident. Fortunately, whether you need a reline or a more complicated fix, Dr. Damon Anderson is ready to help. He can repair a slightly damaged denture, and if necessary, provide a replacement so a patient can recover their smile and bite as quickly as possible.

Dental Implants

Animated smile during dental implant supported denture placement

With dental implants, dentists no longer have to settle with just restoring the top portion of a lost tooth. Now they can do something about the missing root as well, giving a crown or another dental prosthetic a much firmer foundation that will keep it in place even while eating particularly tough foods. Our dental office performs the entire dental implant procedure from start to finish so that we can provide the greatest possible convenience to our patients.

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