Same-Day Crowns – Laguna Niguel, CA

Get a Durable Crown in a Day

While typical dental crowns are great, they do take time to place. The treatment process usually lasts around two to three weeks. Should you want a faster option, though, you're actually in luck. Our office offers same-day crowns made with Glidewell technology! With this procedure, you could get your dental cap made and placed in just one visit. Just keep reading if you'd like to learn more about it, or call our office for details.

What are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

A close-up of dental crowns in Inver Grove Heights

If you don’t already know, dental crowns are special caps placed over damaged teeth. Each one protects its underlying tooth from further harm and decay. As such, dentists often use them to treat dental sensitivity, wear and tear, aesthetic issues, etc. The caps are also very good at these fixes, thanks to using high-quality materials like Emax, porcelain, and zirconia.

All that said, same-day dental crowns are a rather unique kind. Dentists can make them in a single visit instead of the standard two. At our office, this arrangement is due to our using Glidewell technology to design, create, and place the crown. The result is that patients don’t need to wear a temporary restoration while an outside lab makes the final one.

The Process of Getting a Same-Day Dental Crown

A 3D milling machine crafting a same-day dental crown

In general, the same-day crown process is pretty straightforward. It usually features the following steps:

  • Tooth Preparation – The dentist will first prepare your tooth by removing bits of its enamel. That way, the final crown will fit correctly. (This step uses local anesthetic to prevent pain.)
  • Digital Impressions – Following the prep work, the dental team will take some digital impressions. (You’ll get to avoid the messy and uncomfortable putty.) These impressions will then generate a 3D model of your tooth.
  • Crown Milling – The 3D tooth model will be sent to an in-office milling machine. From there, the device will craft a crown from a solid block of dental porcelain, zirconia, or Emax.
  • Final Placement – Once the milling is done, the dentist will have you try on the crown and make some last-minute adjustments. The dental cap will then be fully seated, leaving you good to go!

The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

A lab worker crafting dental crowns for a patient

Compared to traditional crowns, same-day ones offer several unique benefits. These include:

  • High Convenience – Unlike the standard crown process, getting a same-day crown only requires visiting your dentist once. That means it’ll take less time from your schedule.
  • Smooth Impression Work – Compared to putty impressions, digital impressions are more comfortable, precise, and faster.
  • No Temporary Crown – Temporary crowns can be uncomfortable, loose, and fragile. Thankfully, Glidewell same-day crowns let you avoid them.
  • Lifelike Results – With same-day crowns, dentists can customize their porcelain to resemble tooth enamel and match your natural smile.

As you can see, same-day crowns have a lot going for them. Therefore, talk to your local dentist about a potential treatment soon!