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Helping You Have a Positive Dental Experience

Few people look forward to going to the dentist, and some are actively afraid of receiving even routine dental care. Dr. Anderson has been trained to perform various forms of sedation dentistry (including IV sedation) so that anyone can visit our dental office and leave feeling like they had a comfortable and even relaxing experience. Take the time to review the page and see if you belong to any of the categories listed below; odds are you are one one of the many kinds of dental patients we help in Laguna Niguel, CA!

Those Who Are Anxious & Nervous

Anxious patient in dental office

About 36% of the population is estimated to have dental anxiety or fear in some form or another. A further 12% suffers from such extreme dental fear that it can stop them from seeking care altogether. Being afraid of the dentist is nothing unusual; we work with anxious patients every day, and we use sedation along with other accommodations to help them overcome their fears so that they don’t get in the way of their dental treatment anymore.

Dental Patients with Special Needs

Young girl smiling after special needs dentistry

For patients with special needs, such as Memory Care, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, wheelchair bound, spitting and swallowing problems. visiting the dentist can sometimes be overwhelming or difficult. Dr. Anderson and the rest of our team aim to make our services accessible for anyone with physical or intellectual disabilities that require accommodation. Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy a healthy smile, so if there are any steps we’ll need to take to prepare for your visit, let us know from the very beginning so that we can get started immediately.

Individuals with Severe Dental Phobia

Very fearful patient in dental office

When fear of dental care reaches extreme or irrational levels, it’s known as dental phobia. It’s not uncommon for people with this phobia to make excuses to avoid routine dental work, and they might even fail to make appointments for treatments that could potentially save their teeth or prevent severe oral health issues. Dr. Anderson wants to help those with severe dental phobias with IV sedation, which can make any dental treatment stress free regardless of how extensive it is.

Those Struggling with a Sensitive Gag Reflex

Woman with sensitive gag reflex frowning after dental visit

The gag reflex is a protective mechanism that’s supposed to prevent foreign objects from entering your throat. However, some gag reflexes are stronger than others to the point where they can actively interfere with dental treatment, even if it’s just a routine cleaning. The good news is that dental sedation doesn’t just calm anxieties; it also helps relax the gag reflex so that we can perform any kind of dental treatment without discomfort on your part.

We Can Help!

Woman smiling during dental treatment

From mild anxieties to severe fears, we can help our patients overcome all kinds of obstacles that might have discouraged them from getting dental care in the past. You can choose between nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation based on your needs. Dr. Anderson will always take the time to listen to your concerns and explain anything that you don’t understand before you need to make any decisions about your oral health.

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